Sunday, 29 June 2014

Why I started my blog

So today I thought I would talk about why I started this blog. I've spent years reading great blogs and I thought I might as well try it. I know not a lot of people will read it, but its nice when people do. I'm not writing this blog with viewers in mind, and that sounds terrible but what I mean is that I'm not writing to please anyone, I'm writing about things I like. Also I think if I write for what other people want then it wont be my blog, and I'm sure there are people like me who just like to read about people lives and what they enjoy.

Some of you may have noticed that I don't write very formally, I like to keep it casual and I write the way I speak to people because then I feel like I'm talking to someone as I'm writing. I wont lie, the main reason why I stared my blog was because I was bored, I really enjoy writing it but when I started it I wanted a hobby. Now at the minute none of my family know I have this blog, I will probably tell them at some point but at the minute I just want to make it my own and make it better, so if your reading this then your essentially reading my diary.

I got inspiration from blogs by sprinkleofglitter and zoella. I really love the way they write and the topics they write about. This blog wont be for everyone but I'm going ti try and write a bit of everything, to be honest half the post will probably just be about what I've been up to or new products I've got and want to chat about.

Bye for now xxx

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