Sunday, 22 June 2014

8 strand plaited loaf bread

A few months ago I attempted to make an 8 strand plaited load, I was actually quite impressed with how it turned out. The recipe I used was from I followed this basic bread recipe to make the dough but had to do my research on how to make the 8 strand plait, Oh and I added a little bit of spice to my dough to give it an extra kick.

Now the plait was really hard for me to do, I saw people make it on the British bake off and stupidly thought I could easily make it. So when you have your dough, cut it into 8 separate piece and roll the dough into long equal stands. Join all the strands together at the top and spread out the pieces of dough. To start you have to move stand 8 under 7 and over 1. This step does not get repeated.

Now you have the start of the plait you have to follow this patter, now I found this tricky at first so I search YouTube for a bit and found some helpful videos. This sounds complicated to me but when you move a strand its then re-numbered, so if you move strand 1 over 7, then you recount the strands. If you don't get it, I didn't understand it either their are some really helpful videos so I would suggest you take a little look on YouTube.

So the pattern that you have to follow is 2 under 3 over 8, then 1 over 4, after that you move 7 under 6 and under 1, to complete the patter you move 8 over 5. Once you have completed the pattern once you will need to repeat this until there is no more dough left and you have a complete plait.

This was my attempt and I think it looks okay but I could have made it look better with a bit more practice.

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