Sunday, 29 June 2014

Why I started my blog

So today I thought I would talk about why I started this blog. I've spent years reading great blogs and I thought I might as well try it. I know not a lot of people will read it, but its nice when people do. I'm not writing this blog with viewers in mind, and that sounds terrible but what I mean is that I'm not writing to please anyone, I'm writing about things I like. Also I think if I write for what other people want then it wont be my blog, and I'm sure there are people like me who just like to read about people lives and what they enjoy.

Some of you may have noticed that I don't write very formally, I like to keep it casual and I write the way I speak to people because then I feel like I'm talking to someone as I'm writing. I wont lie, the main reason why I stared my blog was because I was bored, I really enjoy writing it but when I started it I wanted a hobby. Now at the minute none of my family know I have this blog, I will probably tell them at some point but at the minute I just want to make it my own and make it better, so if your reading this then your essentially reading my diary.

I got inspiration from blogs by sprinkleofglitter and zoella. I really love the way they write and the topics they write about. This blog wont be for everyone but I'm going ti try and write a bit of everything, to be honest half the post will probably just be about what I've been up to or new products I've got and want to chat about.

Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 22 June 2014

8 strand plaited loaf bread

A few months ago I attempted to make an 8 strand plaited load, I was actually quite impressed with how it turned out. The recipe I used was from I followed this basic bread recipe to make the dough but had to do my research on how to make the 8 strand plait, Oh and I added a little bit of spice to my dough to give it an extra kick.

Now the plait was really hard for me to do, I saw people make it on the British bake off and stupidly thought I could easily make it. So when you have your dough, cut it into 8 separate piece and roll the dough into long equal stands. Join all the strands together at the top and spread out the pieces of dough. To start you have to move stand 8 under 7 and over 1. This step does not get repeated.

Now you have the start of the plait you have to follow this patter, now I found this tricky at first so I search YouTube for a bit and found some helpful videos. This sounds complicated to me but when you move a strand its then re-numbered, so if you move strand 1 over 7, then you recount the strands. If you don't get it, I didn't understand it either their are some really helpful videos so I would suggest you take a little look on YouTube.

So the pattern that you have to follow is 2 under 3 over 8, then 1 over 4, after that you move 7 under 6 and under 1, to complete the patter you move 8 over 5. Once you have completed the pattern once you will need to repeat this until there is no more dough left and you have a complete plait.

This was my attempt and I think it looks okay but I could have made it look better with a bit more practice.

Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 15 June 2014


So today I thought I would talk about some of my favourite quotes. Some of them are meaningful but others are just cute and fun.

The first one is “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”, this is from Dumbledore in Harry Potter. I love this quotes because to me its saying that even when we feel like nothing will get better and we don't feel happiness in our lives, we will find it again but we just need to be more positive and remember that things will always get better.

The second is another Harry Potter quote from Sirius Black which is "We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are". I love this quote because to me its like saying no one is perfect, we will all have days when we feel angry and annoyed, but that's a dark side to us, and as long as we act in a positive and kind way then that's the person we really are, but its okay to accept that part of you as long as you don't act on that towards others.

Dr.Seuss is brilliant for quotes, I have loved the Dr.Seuss books all my life and this is my favourite, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?". I think this is perfect because to me its like saying why try and be someone you're not, if you have a something that makes you stand out and makes you different, don't try and hide it because that's what makes you, you.

The last quote is silly but it makes me smile, this quote "It doesn't matter how old you are. Bouncy castles are still genius." is from the mighty boosh. 

Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Champagne sparkle nails

This post will probably be very boring but I wanted to do a nail design post. For this I used my Fearne Cotton nail varnish in the colour vintage cream. I used this colour for the base and to me this colour is a clear with a misty shimmery shine (as good as my description gets) , and reminds me of a champagne colour. For the tips I used another Fearne Cotton nail varnish in the colour devilish diamonds (I'm pretty sure that's what it was called, I could be wrong, I wasn't wearing my glasses when I read it and it was fancy writing, sorry). 

I applied two coats of the vintage cream nail varnish and let it dry. When it had dried I got a small amount of the devilish diamonds colour on the brush and carefully brushed the tips of my nails, well I just did a thin line on the edge of the nail tip, but it would look great on the whole of the nail tip. On my right hand the Finnish wasn't that great because I'm right handed, its at times like these when I wish I was Ambidextrous (ability to use the right and left hands equally well.). I think this would look great with different colours, so I might try it with a deep red and maybe a gold tip.

Below I have put pictures of the nail varnish I used and I then did this design on a fake nail.

Bye for now xxx

Thursday, 5 June 2014

"You can do anything you set your mind to...(Just sometimes takes a while in life.)."

Its been a while since I've posted during the week but for once I have actually been busy. So over the past few weeks my life has change a lot. After nearly a year of searching for a job I was offered full time working in a new store that's opening near to where I live. Now this wont be very exciting for most people but I cant even express how relieved and happy I am to finally be working, the women who offered me a job is so lovely and has been so helpful.

Whilst I am grateful that I finally have a job, this has meant that for the past few weeks (And for the next two) I have been in London for 3 days a week doing my training. Now London isn't far from where I live but it means I have to travel 2 hours there and 2 hours back and I get stressed about using the underground. The store that I have been training with is really busy at times and has a great team of staff who have been very patient with me and have taught me what I need to know.

Now that I'm earning I could go mad and buy everything I want and be irresponsible with money, instead I have decided that I will put about £300 away each month in a savings account so that in the summer/ Autumn I can start my driving lessons and hopefully get my own car.

That's about all that's happened in the last month, and while its only one thing, it has made me feel so much better, now I don't want to get all serious but now that I have this job its given me back the feeling of importance, like its given me something to focus on and I can now look forward to my future without worrying about money or feeling like I'm disappointing people. I know that no one in my family would feel disappointed if I didn't have a job because they know how hard I've tried in the past year, but I finally feel like a weight has been lifted (unfortunately not of my body, still need to crack on with the diet.).

I can now relax, well as much as I can with a full time job and look forward to my future, focus on my job and most importantly my family as they (as cheesy as it sound, but everyone loves a bit of cheese once in a while.) provide me with constant love and support no matter how stroppy and annoying I am and I want to be able to get them things and take my cousins and family on fun girly/ family days out.

I've rambled on long enough so I'll wrap this up with me new favourite quote which came from my lovely aunt, "You can do anything you set your mind to...(Just sometimes takes a while in life.)". So if anyone reading this feels like they cant do something or is just feeling a bit down, remember that quote and just keep trying because I promise you that no matter what you want in life, if you set your mind it then you will get there eventually.

Thanks for reading x
Bye for now xxx

Sunday, 1 June 2014

My fears

I like to think that I'm not a very fearful person, I don't mind heights, I'm not afraid of the dark and I'm not scared of many animals. I will admit that I am terrified of spiders, partly because when I was about seven, I remember sitting on my bed, looking at my teddy's and there was a massive spider (I was seven so it may have been average size, but to me this was the biggest spider I had ever seen), sitting on the nose of my favourite purple teddy bear.

I think this experience definitely put me of spiders for life, and that bear didn't stay in my collection of teddy's for long after that. Clowns are also a big no for me, I hate them. I think its something about the sinister smile that is painted on their face that makes me petrified of them.

One of the other fears I used to have was school, now that may sound weird but when I was little I would cry all day at school and hated it, I never knew why which is weird. My fear of school went away at secondary school and I really enjoy it (Even when there was always someone commenting on my weight), but even know (although I don't like to admit it) I still don't like going into primary schools if I have to pick up relatives from school.

I did some research, well by that I mean I asked Google about fears and I found out some weird fears which I thought I would mention. There was a website called and this has all sorts of phobias that I didn't even know existed.
Barophobia- Fear of gravity.
Bibliophobia- Fear of books.
It must be terrible to have these fears/phobias, I cant imagine my life if I had a fear of books, or a fear of gravity.

Well that was a bit of a weird post but I thought it would be good to see what other phobias and fears there are, So do any of you have any fears?

Bye for now xxx