Sunday, 18 May 2014

I need a shopping spree

The fact that I have no money pains me enough, but when I see so many things I want, it makes me desperate to go shopping. It seems although I have no money, I have a shopping list the size of a house (Slight exaggeration, maybe the list is the size of a small bungalow.). The main things I want to get are clothes, lush products and nail varnish. As soon as i have money, I will be out shopping. I want to get more jeans, so lighter spring summer tops and I need to get myself some new sandals for summer. From lush I think I need one of everything, but I know I wont be able to afford it, so I think I will probably get some light smelling bath bombs and a king of skin massage bar.

As for nail varnishes, I could buy the whole Barry M selection and I would buy all of the Tanya Burr products, unfortunately I live in the real world and money doesn't grow on tree's so I'll be strict and only get a new clear top coat, and from the Tanya burr range I will get mischief managed and riding hood.

Essentially if you're still reading this, then you have read my shopping list so well done for still reading it. The last thing I know I will have to get is a notebook (or 5), yes I am one of those people who love stationery and I guarantee I will get stocked up on pads and pens (Confessions; I have about 35 notebooks and have never even finished one).

Bye for now xxx

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