Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hopeful forum

Carrie Hope Fletcher makes videos on her channel called "itswaypastmybedtime" and she is a brilliant actress, her viewers are called the Hopefuls and a few weeks ago Carrie set up a forum for her viewers to go and talk to each other about their hobbies and others things they have in common. I love this forum as it is a safe place for her viewers to go and share their interests and talk to each other.
The forum has a range of different threads for almost everything, if you have a blog you can write about it and share it with others, if you have a love a particular show or book then you can chat to other people who like the shows. There really is something for everyone, from topics like Harry Potter to Doctor who.

Also I love that the users of the website talk about how they feel, with topics like weight, bullying, self harm and other topics that some people might not feel comfortable talking to people face to face about. The main feeling I get from this forum is support, all of the users are so lovely to each other and actually help each other by sharing their feelings and experiences. So if you get the chance, you should go and check it out, I really love using this forum to chat about books and shows I love.

Bye for now xxx

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