Friday, 11 April 2014

To excited about nail varnish?

So yesterday my sister got me two of the Tanya burr nail varnishes that I have been obsessed with getting since she brought out her nail varnish and lip gloss range. My sister got me two colours which were bright and early and little duck. I think these colours are perfect for spring and summer. I love both colours but little duck is my favourite just because I love the minty greeny blue (yes that is a new colour).
I wasn't sure what they would be like, because some nail varnishes that I have had in the past have a very fast drying time which is bad because it dries virtually the second you apply it and it looks streaky, but I was pleasantly surprised as the Tanya burr nail varnish range is really good. It has a good drying time and to me the brush looks thinner than others like my Barry M polishes, because the brush is slightly thinner it makes it so much easier to get the perfect look on my nails as you can apply it in the corner of your nails without the colour getting onto your finger.
I would recommend these nail varnishes to everyone and I am hoping to get a few more colours from her range in mini marshmallows and penguin chic.
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