Thursday, 24 April 2014

I wish I was at McBusted

I am a very big fan of McFly and was desperate to get tickets to McBusted when they went on sale. There were two reasons I couldn't go, the first was because I had no one to go with and as much as I love McFly I didn't fancy going to the O2 arena by myself. The second reason was that the tickets were £50 and then my travel to and from London would have cost me to much.
The one thing that makes me less annoyed that I couldn't go is that I got to see McBusted performance at the Royal Albert Hall when Mcfly performed for four nights to celebrate 10 years as a band. So although I wish I was there (I have seen so many amazing pictures on twitter, and people have said how great it was.) I still have the knowledge that I saw the second ever performance McBusted played to a live audience. 
Sorry for the random post 
Bye for now xxx

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