Thursday, 17 January 2019

Minnie Ears |

Hello there,
Now I have made it no secret that I am going to Disney World. I have a big post about that but today I wanted to show off my Minnie ears. I have been collecting Minnie ears since my trip to Disneyland Pairs back in 2016. I thought I would show you my collection and if I can remember where I got them, I will link the etsy sellers or at least who they were made by,

You're my hero |
This gorgeous pair of ears is my latest addition to the ears family. I had been after a wreck it Ralph pair for ages and when I saw these, I knew I needed to have them. They were from an American etsy seller so were a little more expensive just because of shipping. The quality of these are to die for and I cant wait to show these off around the parks. The etsy seller is called QueenoftheKingdom

Rapunzel/Flynn ears |
This pair of ears are so pretty. I actually found them on eBay for £5 which is an amazing price, they are originally a Queen Ursula pair and I have been after a pair of her ears for ages. On one side they are Rapunzel and the other is Flynn. 

Mary Poppins ears |
This stunning pair of ears came from ImagineEarsUK on Etsy and they are outstanding quality. I got this pair for a trip in 2017 and I think they are so cute. I especially love the tape measure and they are so soft to the touch. The second pair I got were from the same seller. I cant really wear these ones in Florida because they were for the 25th Anniversary of DLP but I still love them.

His and hers ears |
These ears are something I just needed to have for this trip. I found an etsy seller that personalised ears and I needed to have ones that said "His Princess". Charlie calls me his princess so I sort of needed them. Now I know I call Charlie monkey but I sort of needed a pair that said "Her prince". What can I say? We are going to be that cringy couple that have matching ears. At least I wont lose him with these on. The seller I got them from is called DeadmansDesignsStore

Rapunzel ears |
I got these years ago from LilliBooBows. I love how sparkly these ones are and they are just subtle enough that meeting other princesses wont look like you favour other more. They also sit really comfortably which is a must when you are wearing them alllllll day long. I also got this pair of jack and sally ears. I think they are super cool and when I met jack he loved them.

Alien ears |
This pair is for Charlie, I have been finding it hard to find mickey ears so I went on ebay and found this pair. I think they are really cool and they will be good for when we go to the Toy Story part of the park. You can get these here.

Mad Hatter ears |
I got these a while ago and I love the design, I just struggle to wear these if I'm honest. I think these are more of a display pair rather than I pair to wear all day. They are really top heavy so are very hard for me to wear. I got these from Come2TheEarsSide. They come from America so the shipping and handling do make these a very expensive pair to have in a collection, I love them but they just aren't that practical for me to wear.

Toy Story ears |
I really wanted a cool pair of Toy Story ears for myself and Charlie. I found both pairs on ebay and I think they were only £6-£10 which is a total bargain. I just like them because its a pair Charlie can wear without the bow. Yes I know it doesn't matter but I like us to have matching but slightly different. I got them from a seller called daisymouse24. I love my pair because I have a little sheriffs badge and I just think they are so cool. Charlie loves guardians and I thought this pair would be cool for him to wear. On the other side they have groot on them as well so he is very happy with these.

The light up ears |
I got this pair for my birthday a couple of years ago from Chummy. We both have matching pairs and they are so pretty when they are lit up. She got them from EarsbySamantha on etsy and they are just so cute.She has a range of others but these are the first pair I got and I am just in love with them. Plus we got so many comments on that at night time.

Winnie the Pooh ears |
I got this pair on ebay and I just love how glittery they are. I have wanted a Pooh bear pair for ages and I love the little honey bee bow on them as well. I got these on ebay from the seller called graceroseearsandbows. I am always finding really cute pairs on here and they are a bargain price as well.

Charity shop finds |
My mum loves a little mooch in the charity shops and there are some great finds in there. She got both these pairs for I believe a pound each and they are from the parks. I'm not sure how old they are but I think they were a bargain. 

So that's it. Those are all the ears I own currently and I have to work out what ones I will be taking with me on my trip. Charlie also has another pair but they are currently hiding in his car so I wasn't able to get a picture of them. I am hopefully going to be doing a lot more Disney posts before and after my trip. I'd be curious to see what ears are in everyone collections and how on earth do you display them?!

Ciao for now xxx

Saturday, 5 January 2019

New Year Old Me

Hello there,
Now I gave up on blogmas. Work got worse. Life got stressful and I just felt more like focusing on my best friend than I did the Internet for a bit. Every year I'm like I'm going to make this year the best, I'm going to lose weight, get healthy, get a new job and be okay mentally.

This year I don't fancy the yearly lie. Over the last few weeks I've come to realise that I like me. The people I love the most love who I am, granted they can find my little ways a bit strange but I don't want to have to pretend to be someone I'm not. This year is a year to work on myself, I'm going to actually take care of my mind this year instead of trying to focus on the things that shouldn't matter.

My mind is an odd little place. Its a place that I try to hide because I know the thoughts that rattle around in there don't really need to be shared. That doesn't mean I'm on my own though, I need to realise that. Chummy has been by my side for the last three years as my personal cheerleader constantly pepping me up and reminding me that I can do it. She also just allows me to wallow in self pity some days and I love that about her. She just lets me be the other side of me until fun and happy me is ready to play again.

Charlie has also been a little rock, now he doesn't really like thinking of me upset or hurting myself, I get that. I would be so upset if he was the same. I would want to do anything I could to make it better. That's what he's done. A few weeks ago I snuggled up with him and sobbed my heart out. He listening for hours and suggested I write it all down. I now have a little notebook that I keep it all in. If I'm honest I didn't think it would help, now I'm realising its actually pretty good for me. Its a distraction and sometimes I need it.

This year I'm dedicating my time to several things. One, my holiday with Charlie because I cant wait to have him for two whole weeks where we can play in the parks and just get some decent couple time. Two, make more time outside of work for chummy time. We used to love our days off together and shes been really helpful in helping me look into moving out. A perk of her being engaged and a few years older means she can tell me what me and monkey need to look into to move into a place of our own. I want to cut off from work more. Its getting harder and harder in there and my little Bambi eyed friend is leaving, I think this has been the hardest goodbye if I'm honest. Work is just a place that I know I have to go to earn money. To move out and get the life I want with charlie, well I need to be in that place to earn a living.

I guess this year I don't want to be a new me. I want the old me back and I'm working hard to find her again. I may not be every ones cup of tea. I am over protective of the ones I love and I will never not defend them. I used to worry what people thought of me but now, well I am perfectly fine with the human I am and I want to just enjoy being me for a while.

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Blogmas Day 25 | We made it

Hello there,
WE DID IT!!! Considering this year I have really let the blog slide, I like to think I've done well. Granted I did schedule the posts but fitting this in around a hectic full time job, well I'm gonna give myself a pat on the back.

When I've actually had time to write its been so nice to get back to one of the things I love the most. Lately I've let my day job get in the way. I have thoroughly enjoyed these little festive posts and I'm not going to promise big things next year, I'm going to promise to me a little more present. In every aspect of my life. This year has taught me the importance of family, friends and little things.

What have been some of your highlights this year? For me the highlight of this year was realising that even though the future scares me, the unknown can be magical. Charlie has treated me like a princess and taken me to my favourite place, he thought of everything and I think that shocked me a little bit. He is full of surprises and hes taught me to be a little less stressy. Granted I still over-think everything but I'm less stressy about it.

All I have left to say is enjoy the day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, just enjoy some time doing what you love the most. Have fun guys.

Ciao for now xxx

Monday, 24 December 2018

Blogmas Day 24 | T'was the night before christmas

Hello there,
When you're reading this, I will be two and a half hours into my shift. Yep that's right. The is being uploaded at 7:30 and I start at 5am. I just know I'm going to be shattered by the time I get out of work today. So I'm just going to tell you a little bit about my thoughts on blogmas, how I've found the run up to Christmas and what my plans are tonight.

So after an awful start of about 4am, I'm planning to finish work, head home and grab my stuff. I'm pretty sure I'm going to charlies for Christmas eve and I honestly cant wait. I did the boys and their little friends a little Christmas eve box and I cant wait to pop round and give them to them.

Now I plan on having a cosy film night where we are planning to watch Muppet's Christmas carol, die hard and just eat soooooooo much food. Realistically I would love to stay round but I know it will be too hectic the next day.

I have enjoyed blogmas this year, It's been nice to get back into the swing of it and just get back to me a little bit. I really want to start up the writing a lot more but I think I also really want to incorporate videos again as well.

Well all I will say is I will see you for one final post tomorrow for 2018. See you tomorrow for blogmas day 25.

Ciao for now xxx

Thursday, 13 December 2018

Blogmas Day 13 | Im So Tired

Hello there,
Now as you all know, I work a pretty boring and hectic retail job. I can safely say I am well and truly tired of it and I'm really not feeling like me. If I'm honest I think I need to tell you all exactly how I feel because I think this is the only save i can admit how I truly am coping without worrying family or friends.

I am not myself. In any way shape or form. I come home and I feel so alone. When I'm cuddled up with charlie my mind is always so far away. Its like I cant get to him even when he's so close to me. I cant tell him what I'm feeling because I know he will just worry. Truth be told, I have new scars. Deeper than the last. I can't seem to stop anymore. It's the only think that makes me feel like the pain in my head is going somewhere. I'm in a cycle and I can't break it. Some may question why I choose to share this here. Well, that's simple. You all got me through this last time. When all hope was lost sharing it just helped.

This is never a good time of year. Every year I question just what I have actually done to be proud of. Each year I can't think of a single thing. I have a man that adores me and it kills me that I have to try and keep this from him. He doesn't need to know this. He knows but he doesn't know the ins and outs. We tell each other everything but I have to protect him from this. I am not quite sure what to do anymore. I'm trying so hard to keep busy and not use this way of coping. It's harder than people thing. It becomes a safety net. I know it helps. Well it never helps and should never be an option but I just can't help it. I feel so alone. I feel like there's no one around me. Friends and family don't need this burden. All I want to do is hide away in bed. I want to just spend my days in darkness and not talk. I just want to feel okay.

I know it will pass. It always does. I'm just not coping and I think I can finally accept that. I need help but I'm too damn scared to ask. If I'm honest I know the one person who always knows what to say. I can't burden chummy with this right now. I just hope that this passes soon because the dark clouds aren't fun right now. I want the rain to come and the sun to shine again.

Anyway that's it for me today. I might be back with a more cheery post tomorrow but meh..

Ciao for now xxx